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How to Charter a Cruise Ship

The Definitive Guide to Booking a “Ship of Your Own” for Your Next Meeting or Event!

So you want to book a “ship of your own” for a meeting, conference, or incentive program? Great! A full ship charter ensures the ultimate security and exclusivity, and gives you complete freedom to customize to your heart’s content. There’s sure to be a ship that’s just the right fit for a small group of 50 passengers to a large group of thousands, but where do you begin? Evaluating all the options and learning the nuances of a ship charter takes time.

In this FREE eBook you’ll learn:

    • Advantages of a private ship charter
    • When not to charter a ship
    • What to look for when selecting a ship
    • Financial considerations
    • Charter contract terminology
    • Booking lead time for a ship charter
    • How to customize the shipboard experience

& much more!


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